Regular fans simply circulate the existing air, same humidity at the same temperature. The Quietcool takes that same existing air, combines it with evaporating water, which dramatically lowers the temperature. Quietcools rely on the principle of evaporation to cool your environment and ensure “thermal comfort”. Thermal comfort depends upon a number of factors, including environmental factors such as humidity, air temperature and air speed. Air passes through wet filter pads that quickly absorb the heat present in the environment and changes the water to a vapour. The heat used to change the water to a vapour is eliminated from the environment, hence the air is cooled.

Yes. The evaporative cooling concept will work any time you are able to achieve evaporation. The more complete the evaporation, the more effective the system will work. Areas with high humidity levels will experience a drop in temperature of up to 10 degrees. The lower the humidity the better the cooling effect.

Your QuietCool unit must be plugged into a fused or circuit breaker protected 10 Amp, 220/240 Volt, 50 Hz circuit – unless specifically manufactured for another voltage / frequency configuration. Water Hookup for your Quietcool is made with a common garden hose. This type of connection is quite acceptable for most installations with standard water pressures. QuietCool units used in areas with pressures above 120psi must use pressure reducing valves or pressure regulators that can be obtained by the consumer locally

Quietcool units are suitable for a wide array of applications. Below are some examples of how the units can be used and information to help you decide which unit will best suit your needs. QC18VS - 18" Quietcool This little unit will cool up to 70sqm of floor area, has a dry (no water) weight of 25kg and is 95cm high x 95cm deep x 75cm wide. This unit is used for cooling small areas and as a spot cooler. For example the unit can be used to cool a particular person/area or to cool a small area like an outdoor marquee or workshop. Being compact and not overly heavy this unit is easly tranported from site to site also. QC36VS - 36" Quietcool This mid-size unit will cool up to 270sqm of floor area, has a dry (no water) weight of 80kg and is 160cm wide x 155cm high x 75cm deep. This unit is used for cooling small to medium sized areas, it's size, cooling capacity and portablity make it our most popular model. From your backyard shed to a state of the art warehouse facilty, from 1 mile underground on a mine site to an outdoor festival this units applications are many and diverse. QC48VS - 48" Quietcool This is our largest Quietcool unit and will cool up to 390sqm of floor area, has a dry (no water) weight of 160kg and is 200cm wide x 200cm high x 100cm deep. This unit is used for cooling large areas. It's portablity and powerful cooling capacity lets you cool large areas with a single unit and reduces the number of units needed to cool overly large areas .

Ideally your unit would be positioned facing a fresh air opening to create an effective air cooling cycle. Using the diagram below as an example, by placing the unit in the back corner of the warehouse facing the open roller door, the unit will draw the hot dry air down through the unit and push the cooled air towards the open roller door. As the cooled air passes through the lower area of the warehouse towards the opening, fresh air is drawn back into the warehouse in the upper area of the opening creating an effective cooling air cycle.

Please note that the below details are a guide only. Consumption rates vary due to environment factors such as temperature and humidity. QC18VS - 18" Quietcool Water: 8lt per hour QC36VS - 36" Quietcool Water: 30lt per hour QC48VS - 48" Quietcool Water: 45lt per hour

Replacement parts for your Quietcools are available directly from Quietaire Australia or any of our local distributors across Australia. Please contact us for more information about Quietcool Parts.

All our Quietcools come with a 2yr replacement warranty on the motor and a 1yr replacement warranty on the sump pump. Please note that warranty is voided if part failure is due to operator error. eg pump is run without water. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your warranty.